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Mouth Guards For Bowmanville

At R.A. Campbell Dentistry in Bowmanville, we offer several kinds of mouth guards to help keep you healthy and safe. Learn more about your options.

Whether you need to protect your smile or need help with breathing disorders, a mouth guard may be the solution.

What Are Mouth Guards?

Mouth guards are used to provide protection to the teeth in three different areas:

  • Sports guards are used to protect teeth during physical sports activities. Patients can chose from a variety of colours and designs.
  • Night guards are used to protect teeth from trauma from grinding or clenching during sleep.
  • Snore guards are used to treat snoring. The guard holds the lower jaw forward to keep the airway open which eliminates snoring.

If you or your child participate in basketball, hockey, football, gymnastics, lacrosse, martial arts, skateboarding, skiing and snowboarding, soccer, or volleyball, it is recommended that you wear a mouth guard.

We know staying active is important to our patients so we want to keep them active and safe! Damage to your mouth during activity can be detrimental.

Custom-made mouth guards are beneficial in that they typically fit better and they train the muscles not to clench together, whereas poorly fitted store bought mouth guards could lead to further muscular problems.

Types of Mouth Guards

Choosing the right mouth guard is important. There are three basic types of mouth guards:

  • the pre-made mouth guard
  • the "boil-and-bite" fitted mouth guard
  • a custom-made mouth guard

Many parents initially choose mouth guards that can be purchased from sports stores or pharmacies. These often do not fit well and are uncomfortable for children to wear. One of the safest and most effective options for a mouth guard is a custom-fit mouth guard made by your dentist.

Taking Care of Your Mouth Guard

Similar to a retainer, braces, or any other special dental appliance, it is important to take care of a mouth guard by storing it properly and keeping it clean. We will help you understand about the care you need for your specific mouth guard.

Our dentists can suggest the best mouth guard for you. An effective mouth guard should be comfortable, durable and easy to clean, and should not restrict your breathing or speech.

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