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Braces & Retainers in Bowmanville

Braces might be a solution depending on your situation. Our Bowmanville dentists will let you know if traditional metal braces are the right treatment for you.

How Do Braces Work?

Braces work by applying continuous pressure over a period of time to slowly move teeth in a specific direction.

As the teeth move, the bone changes shape as pressure is applied.

How Long Will I Have to Wear Braces?

The time required for braces varies from person to person based on the severity of the problem, the amount of room available, the distance the teeth must travel, the health of the teeth, gums, and supporting bone, and how closely the patient follows instructions.

On average, however, once the braces are put on, the average time span is one year to 18 months.

After braces are removed, patients are required to wear retainers 24 hours a day, except when eating, for one year and then only a night for a period of time.

How Often Will I Need to See the Dentist During Treatment?

Your dentist will want to see you about every month or so in order to make sure the braces are exerting steady pressure on the teeth. To create more tension and pressure on your teeth, adjustments will be made to the wires, springs or rubber bands of the braces. In some cases, braces alone aren't enough to straighten the teeth or shift the jaw. In these situations, an external appliance, such as headgear, may need to be worn at home in the evening or through the night.

What Care Can I Expect After the Braces Come Off?

After braces are taken off, your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned. Your dentist may want to take another set of X-rays and bite impressions to check how well the braces straightened your teeth and to see if any wisdom teeth have developed. If wisdom teeth are beginning to come in after braces have been removed, your dentist may recommend the wisdom teeth be pulled to prevent newly straightened teeth from shifting.

After-Care and Retainers

Your dentist will also fit you with a retainer following treatment.

A retainer is a custom-made, removable appliance that helps teeth maintain their new position after braces have been removed. The use of a retainer is a very important part of post-braces care.

Retainers, which are typically made of rubber or clear plastic and metal wires that cover the outside surface of the teeth, need to be worn all the time for the first year. The time frame for wearing a retainer will vary from patient to patient.

The reason why a retainer is needed is that even though braces may have successfully straightened your teeth, they are not completely settled in their new position until the bones, gums, and muscles adapt to the change. Also, after long periods of time, teeth tend to shift.

Braces & Retainers, Bowmanville

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